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Reduce sugar requirements in cacao by up to 70%

Start crafting guilt free chocolate

Ultimate Sugar Reduction Technology

Remove bitterness, Decrease Sugar Requirements

Training mushrooms to remove bitter qualities in cacao decreases the need for masking agents allowing formulations to have drastically reduced sugar requirements.

40 to 70% Reduction in Sugar

Create comparable flavor profiles to chocolate with significantly more sugar.

How it works

MycoSmooth® process on cacao
MycoSmooth 1st step sterilization


Step 1

First, we sterilize the substrate to prepare for inoculation.

MycoSmooth® 2nd step inoculation


Step 2

We then inoculate a substrate with the mycelia.

MycoSmooth® 3rd step Myceliation


Step 3

Next we let the mycelia ferment with the substrate.

MycoSmooth® 4th step drying


Step 4

Lastly, we dry the product down.

What the MycoSmooth Process does to Cacao

Sugar reduction icon
Improving low grade cacao beans icon
toxin removal icon
natural flavors icon

Sugar Reduction

Improve Low Grade

Toxin Removal

Natural Flavors

With bitterness drastically reduced formulations need little to no sugar. Formulations can use up to 70% less sugar.

Low grade beans tend to have increased bitterness, our technology allows for a unique cost savings advantage.

Looking to remove mycotoxins, aflatoxins and ochratoxins? Our organic process can remove upwards of 75%.

By removing the bitterness of cacao you bring out the natural flavors of the beans themselves creating unique flavor profiles.

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Improving Nature With Nature

About MycoTechnology

MycoTechnology is a food technology company which has developed a natural food processing platform that is solving some of the biggest challenges in the food and beverage industry.



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