How do you feed 3 Billion People, The Answer Mushrooms.

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A Few ways PureTaste Protein Can Help

Complete Vegan Protein Without Flavor Defects

Slightly Cereal & Nutty Taste With a Neutral Aroma

Highly Sustainable Food Processing Platform Through Mushroom Fermentation

PureTaste protein is a complete vegan, allergen friendly, non-GMO (In Progress) highly sustainable protein sources that has a minimal taste and aroma.

PureTaste protein has a clean flavor profile, making it easy for product formulators to rapidly create new products.

PureTaste protein utilizes Shiitake mushrooms to unlock the full potential of plant based proteins.

PureTasteĀ® Is Helping to Feed An Exponentially Growing Population With A Sustainable Protein Source

Find out how we defied the odds and solved a challenge that scientist for over 100 years said was impossible.

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Low In Calories, Fat & Sugar

PureTaste protein is endothermic process, reducing the calories, fat and sugar content.

Complete Protein

PureTaste has all 9 essential amino acids and 11 non-essential. PureTaste is also highly digestible at 1.0 on the DIAAS score.

High in Beta-Glucans

PureTaste protein is rich in Lentinan 1-3 1-6 Beta-Glucans that can not be found anywhere but from Shiitake mushrooms.

Unique Nutritional Content

PureTaste has a nutritional content unlike any other protein on the market. PureTaste is a great source of vitamin E, Pantothenic Acid, Phosphrous and much more.

Zero Cholesterol

PureTaste protein has a similar nutritional quality to meat but without the cholesterol.

Low in Carbohydrates

Being a vegan protein that is low in carbohydrates is a welcomed change from the typical vegan protein sources.

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